Friday, November 3, 2017

The Griffin and the Moon

Can't believe it's been August since I last posted, but then again, my stacks of stories and ever-lengthening novel is proof that I've neglected this page. If anyone's wondering, Front Stroke will continue once I have sufficient time to plan an film another episode.

Meanwhile, a harmless foray into my recent thrifting trip.

HA! Who knew those jokes were around even then?

The remaining pictures were taken from a different yearbook. The Summit, 1955.

Got these for 25¢ each. Yes, my car is that old, and I know there's a cassette player at my parent's house somewhere.


  1. That's an impressive high-school paper. The newspaper at my university doesn't look nearly as good and professional—and now we have the benefit of digital tools.

    1. A lot of things from that era seem more spit-spot, don't they?