Thursday, September 15, 2016

Missouri is A Little Bit Freer

I didn't expect the Congress to overturn Nixon's veto, but they did. Starting January 1, 2017, residents of this fine state (19 and older, no rap sheet) will be able to carry a concealed firearm without obtaining a permit. Not only is this a gain for personal freedom, but it's also a huge relief for those of us who don't make a lot of money. Courtney and I spent at least $200 on the classes alone, and that's not including another $100 each for applicable processing fees (every sheriff's clerk I've talked to says their system is backlogged with requests and applications). Then, there's a renewal fee every five years. This isn't cool for someone squeaking by on $1600 a month. Now think about the young college kids who don't have money. People in gang-infested ghettos. They can carry too. And the single parents. They can use that money for other things.

Not only is this a blow in favor of freedom, but it is a test. Missourians will now have to show the world that we can be responsible without a permission slip. Should you get training regardless of the new law? Absolutely! Carrying a gun is not something to take lightly, but I'm very happy knowing that my legislatures decided to put a little more trust in me and my countrymen.

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Maine, Montana, Wyoming, West Virginia, and now Missouri have put that trust in their people and axed their permit system.

Do your lawmakers trust you?

But if anyone from Missouri is reading this blog, please, do NOT blow this!

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  1. Idaho's on that list as of June this year (for those 21 or older), though my thoughts on the matter are best described by my favorite personal slogan, as "Morally ambiguous grey". Course up here, were used to guns being found left and right due to always having had open carry. People bring belt-holstered handguns and even shoulder-slung rifles into supermarkets, and no one bats an eye.

    Good luck with the new law. I predict that, just as occurred up here, nothing will happen.

    Now if only we can get them to allow civilian ownership of military grade Howitzers...