Sunday, May 1, 2016

Good Way to Start May

In other news, I got Lightwitch back from one of my trusted beta readers. Over all, she really liked it. The edits she suggested aren't major. I've already gone through and fixed the spelling errors, now all that's left are some plot points. I feel that the book is getting very close to being finished and ready to pitch.

I'd appreciate some prayers/kind thoughts. I've got a job interview on Wednesday for a museum in Indiana, and I'm rather nervous. Not because I don't feel confident, but because it could be the ticket to what my wife and I have been praying for. Ste. Genevieve has been good to us, but there are things that we've learned about the town, my job, and ourselves that have made this decision a necessity. Hopefully the job I'm interviewing for will be what I hope it is. I've got two days to prepare.

God's will be done.

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