Thursday, April 7, 2016

Anniversary Holiday

Our first anniversary was just what the doctor ordered: FUN

My darling wife and I spent three days in St. Charles taking in the sights and came back with stories a plenty.

The two pictures above are actually canvases for painters. I wonder what book the text was taken from? Anyone know?

On the first day, we dropped off some typewriters for Vern to fix and then explored Maplewood.

This is the first true diner I've been in. Only twelve feet of store front!
And they still had room for a bookshelf! You just take what you want and bring it back whenever.

I love independent book stores, and this one is amazing! 

First two purchases of the trip!

With our appetites for words wet, we went to Adrenaline Zone for some games and laser tag.

I didn't know this game existed!

Clever girl....lots of clever girls all over the place.

Oh well, we got enough tickets for these.

Late in the afternoon, we checked into our B&B (The Frenchtown Inn), and dressed up for a fancy meal.

All dressed up for our big dinner out.

I'd never been to a Brazilian grill before. Boy, was I impressed!  

Tucanos was a very unique dining experience. Pricy, but well worth it. You have a wooden stake on your table with green and red tips. Leave the red tip up, the waiters stay back. Flip it to green, and you're met with guy after guy offering your slices of different meats. And it never stops. Never. There's also a salad bar (with sushi, pasta, know, salad).

The manager told me the idea hasn't quite caught on in the US, but it is gaining traction. I hope to see more places like it!

The next day was spent all over St. Charles. Boy, was there a lot to take in!

Underwood at the book store. $75.
A beautiful Smith Corona...not for sale.

Great BBQ!                            

One of the funnest things we did was Painting with a Twist. One of the wineries in nearby St. Peters offers classes. With the fee, you get all of the supplies you need, plus an instructor to walk you through the various steps of copying a particular piece. It doesn't matter if you paint all the time or haven't painted since you were five years old (like me). I felt out of place sitting at a canvas instead of a typewriter, but by the end of the night, I was enjoying myself thoroughly. Well worth the time!

Oh yeah, and I guess I should mention going to Comic Con the following Friday and meeting William Shatner...


When John Steinbeck married his third wife, Elaine, he wrote, "I finally have someone who is rooting for me."

Courtney and I learned a lot in just one year of marriage. It's been more fun than we ever thought, but also more difficult in ways we didn't expect. I've come to see her as my very best friend. She encourages my work. She keeps me going when the work is tough. She helps me stay afloat on days when it seems like nothing else could go wrong. She makes me laugh when I need it. And it'll be all I can do to repay half of that.

Happy First, Mrs. Harbin.


  1. Looks like a great place and you had a great time.
    Happy Number One and Best Wishes for many many more!