Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Post-Anniversary Recovery

We went. We had fun. We're back. We're exhausted. Haven't even unloaded most of the stuff from the car, including our new books.

I was going to do some elaborate typecast. But with this crazy weather playing on my sinuses again, I'm going to be lazy.

My Olympia SG1 is back in the shop. The left ribbon spool wouldn't reverse and wind properly, and for some reason, it keeps clearing all of my tab stops after just a few returns of the carriage. This problem seems to persist no matter where I set the left margin.

My Royal Deluxe is working just fine. The backspace is fixed, and the ribbon doesn't print half of the capital letters when I type. However, the platen, bail rollers, and feed rollers need to be recovered. The machine makes major dents in the paper.

My mom's Classic 12 is in order. The original platen has a metal strip along the side, which Vern told me was for typing on cards. He sold me a regular platen for cheap, so now I can write letters in cursive! He also reassembled the Hermes 3000.

I'll make another post on what we actually did when we're feeling better and once I get the pictures from Courtney.

Till then...

Power to the pen.


  1. Get well soon!

    Around here, the trees are blooming hard and kicking up everyone's allergies.

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary! I'm sure you gathered quite the haul of tomes