Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

No big topic today, just a preview of what's coming.

I sent the Corona 3 Auto "Hadley" to Tyler, aka, "Words are Winged" to see if he can fix it. Twas delayed because of the big blizzard. 

I finally got my hands on a gorgeous Olympia SG1, but there are some problems that need to be ironed out. The left ribbon spool won't wind and it keeps erasing my tabs when I use the carriage return. So, after it gets back from Vern and I have a chance to really use it, I'll post my thoughts. Finally took my mom's SCM to get fixed and learned some cool stuff that I will be sure to post later.

Meanwhile, my green SM3 must have heard me complaining about the wavy text, because I swapped out the recovered platen with the old hard one from my red SM3 and then tried to make it malfunction again. It refused, no matter how fast or reckless I typed. Does it it have a preference for old platens? I've often speculated that the machine's innards were warped in some kind of accident...or maybe it's alive. I've noticed there is a big difference between the two SM3s in terms of touch control, the green one being the lightest. 

Working my way through The Hunger Games trilogy. All I can say thus far is, dang. 

The rewrite of "Lightwitch" is complete and now being read by some trusted friends for their opinions. Until then, I'm struggling to complete a fantasy short story. I am now starting a fourth draft of the dang thing after failing to complete the other three. It usually never takes me this long to get a short story together. Tis causing much frustration.

But who cares about any of that? Courtney and I will be zipping off on our first anniversary trip tomorrow! 

Happy Easter! 
Thank God for His eternal salvation.

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