Sunday, February 21, 2016

Writers, Never Let Your Guard Down

The week did not start well. I've been engulfed by a rather serious personal issue that sank me into depression. Combine that with two days of bad sleep and that means little to no work has been accomplished. The one short story that did come out of it needs to be fixed, but I can't pinpoint what's wrong with it.

Then, my luck seemed to change. I received a rejection from an editor. She praised my story but ultimately declined it, as it was too long for the anthology she was publishing. Then, she asked if I was working on any novel-length projects and told me to let her know when I had a pitch ready.

I was ecstatic! Many authors of the old vanguard (including Ray Bradbury and George RR Martin) are big proponents of short fiction and using it as a springboard to a novel contract. Nothing was set in stone, but the fact that she was that impressed by my writing after reading just one story was enough to send me over the moon!

Then I started investigating. What I found was not good. The company she works for has less than a decade in the business. The magazine that will be running my short stories, Bards and Sages Quarterly, has only been doing fiction since 2009. But that's it. They're only doing short fiction right now, and they certainly don't have five imprints. There was a thread on the forum Absolute Write discussing the publisher, and that convinced me not to pursue further contact. I've made too many mistakes up to this point to risk any more of my work. It's a shame. She was very nice and enthusiastic.

So, I'm back down from the moon. Went from Cloud 0 to Cloud 9 and then back to Cloud 2. Yesterday was utterly exhausting. We had almost forty people visit the Felix House because the freak weather made it so nice outside. I was on my feet for almost eight hours straight. I talked until my voice was gone and by the time I got home, writing was the last thing I felt like doing. It's supposed to be in the 50s today, so hopefully that'll stem the tide.

I've almost got enough material together to begin the rewriting of Lightwitch. If I could add at least 20,000 words to the manuscript, that'd be great. The rest just needs to be tweaked.

Tomorrow, I'm going back to St. Louis and hope to return with the special something I've been promising for weeks.

Until then.

Power to the pen.

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