Friday, October 23, 2015

The Hunt that Barely Started

Over the last week, I've contacted a few organizations for help securing info on the mysterious Jhon W Jones. A fraternal organization for the 1st Cavalry had no records to speak of, and the National Archives said that the only way they could release them to me was with express, written consent from the next of kin.

That means my only chance would be to call the consignment store, ask what house they got it from (which they probably wouldn't tell me), and then try to find out who lived there (which would come across as creepy), and then ask pesky questions about the alleged previous owner.

I was initially discouraged by the lack of progress, but then Courtney made a good point.

"Taylor, remember the original Star Wars? How much mystery surrounded Darth Vader's rise to power and the Clone Wars? Are you glad they made three movies revealing all the secrets?"

It's a fair argument. Even if I found the whole story, it might not be as amazing as I assume. I did learn that "APO" means Army Post Office. So, APO 24 was likely his forwarding address in San Fran while he was away. Being that the 1st Calvary was part of the Airmobile Division, which played a central role in combat operations in Indochina from 1965 onward, it is entirely possible that Jones went to Vietnam and took the Hermes with him.

It's also possible he never used it, but I've said it before, there is no greater catalogue of human thought and emotion than the words which passed through manual typewriters in the 20th century.

If nothing else, I could use this for a good story.

Next week, I'll show you how I use the Hermes Baby for an unexpected road trip!

Power to the pen.


  1. I'm looking forward to your next installment.

    1. Thanks, Joe. Not sure why I don't get email notifications of your comments...