Thursday, September 3, 2015

Another Riddle

I've acquired a restoration project. The last riddle I posted was so much fun that I decided to do it again.


My name is Brett. I am a dainty old lady. My favorite country is Spain.

We'll see how many of you get close on this one ;)

Now, a question for my readers. You might recall all of the plans I mentioned when I was posting about my Royal Deluxe. I called a state representative to ask her if she would get the machine and bring it back to me. I've driven an hour and a half one way to get my SM3 and Lettera 32. I've looked under every table in an antique store just in case someone hid a portable machine there (that's how I got my first QDL).

So, what is the absolute craziest thing you've ever done to get a typewriter? Maybe it was a deal you couldn't refuse. Maybe it was a rare model you'd been hunting for forever. Maybe it was a piece about to meet its doom in the trash or at the hands of a key chopper.

Post them here, or send a link to your own blog.

Power to the pen!


  1. It wont seem like much, but I once grabbed a reluctant friend and drove to a little town called Arden which was in the absolute middle of nowhere, and roughly 2 and a half hours from my town, so I could grab a little red Remington 2. After a total journey of roughly 5 hours, we swore that we would never venture to Arden again, no matter what.

    And dangit, I'm terrible at riddles. Is it a typewriter called The Brett, often considered an old lady in original advertisements, made in spain? I'll bet that's it.

  2. I don't have any good acquisition stories. I found my first typewriter on the curb near my house - that one stoked my typewriter fever which had previously been dormant.

    Regarding the riddle: a wild guess - how about a Corona 3? It's a dainty old lady - perhaps named Brett after after Brett Ashley, the wild gal from Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises" who has an affair with a Spanish bullfighter in Pamplona (so her favorite country might be Spain). Hemingway might have written "The Sun Also Rises" on a Corona 3.

  3. I once went to an auction and got into a bidding war over a red Brother 210 and went $20 past my limit of $60. It sold to the other bidder for $90 - way too much to pay for what is only an average typewriter. The moral being: at an auction it's easy to be gripped by insanity.

    1. ... so don't get sucked in. :)

  4. Riddle: Royal P (going similar route to myoldtypewriter here).

    As for the crazy things to get a typewriter - I got one as a gift which turned out to be one of the most expensive machines in my collection as it needed to be shipped from Oz to UK. Even that it was only a portable the shipping cost + customs duty came to a significant number for me - but it was well worth it, I was happy to pay and now I am a proud owner!!! :)