Monday, July 6, 2015

The Second Chain Letter!

The first chain letter was so much fun! I think it's high time for a second one.

You know the rules:

1. Send me an email with your address

2. The master list will include names in the order they contacted me

3. Once the letter arrives, answer the question posed by the person who came before you, then address a new question to the person who comes after you.

The results of the first one seemed to generate a lot of interest, so let's hope we get a lot more participating this time.

Now, for some wild sightings.

Courtney and I went to KY to visit the folks for Independence Day. On the way back, we stopped by to see Grandma in Blodget, and then at an antique store right off the road.

SCM Galaxie 12. Perfect working order. $40

Royal Caravan

This Dutch-made Royalite was very tempting, but I passed. It seems the main mechanism wasn't put back into the shell correctly and that made it prone to sliding out of alignment. It works, but I don't think $28 was a good deal for a machine without a front cover. Sure is pretty.

Montgomery Ward 8120D. Looks great, doesn't work.

This Woodstock has been here as long as I can remember. It's priced at an outrageous $95!
Even with the sale that was going on, it's not in my budget right now. Seems to work.
So, what did I get?

None of these.

I've had my eye out for an SM3 for some time. Ever since I fell in love with the italic burgundy one I picked up for $10, I've wanted a regular font piece to use in my fiction. I found this olive one for $30. It was between the SM3 and a mint Adler J4. Tough choice, once you see the minor flaws the SM3 I had to work around. Any tips on cleaning the outer frame without harming the paint?

The old ribbon was shot and I wasn't going to use WD-40 on a two-tone. I've never seen this hook-style eyelet before. Sure was easy to remove! The SM3 had some of the usual problems. The carriage had to be fixed with new rubber washers and the platen was filthy (hard too; might need to get it recovered). On top of that, the bail bar is missing along with the right side paper guide. No worries, I've got parts on the way.

The biggest problem will be the tiny amount of adjusting I need to do for the capital letters. I've read up on the proper way to get it fixed, and it ain't something I feel confident in doing. I'll probably swing by Vern's place to get some machines I dropped off, so that'll be a good time to take this up along with the Lettera 22. Yeah, it's not as bad as some others, but I notice it and I can't stand it.

Power to the pen!

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  1. Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner is great for cleaning wrinkle paint. It might dissolve a bit of the paint, but wipe it off promptly and it won't make any noticeable difference.

    You know, that Woodstock might be very handsome with lots of elbow grease and new paint ... but $95 is very steep.

    I am going to have excuse myself from this chain letter, as in a week I'm heading out of town for a month. The fall will be better for postal mail for me.