Thursday, June 18, 2015

Olivetti "Restoration"

Found this video last night. While interesting, it was not what I had hoped for.

Go watch:

Several things I noticed.

- He bids on a Studio 45 but then removes the ribbon spool cover on a Lettera 22 which then becomes a Lettera 12.

- He doesn't use a sheet of paper to guard the platen while testing the keys.

- He doesn't really restore much of anything.

Props for good cinematography.

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Power to the pen.


  1. Oh dear, is he OILING the segment?!

  2. It appears, after the "restoration", that the bell on the Lettera 12 doesn't work, and that the keys don't lock up at the margin. It also made an unholy scraping sound when he tried to return the carriage... restoration indeed!