Tuesday, June 23, 2015

International Typewriter Day

The world looms large over the writer, and he has to cram it onto a tiny blank page.

Whether it fell on a nameless battlefield...

Or was embraced by a drunken man of the people...

It's been too long since my friend had a chance to speak. Still as good as the day I brought it home.
Ironically, Raleigh, NC is the birthplace of Andrew Johnson, one of the worst president's in our history.
Glad this isn't one of the worst typewriters in my collection!

Power to the pen.


  1. I understand what you mean about how your typewriter makes you feel. Have a very happy typewriter day. Enjoy!

    1. Good to see you over here, Scott! Your post was a lot better than mine. It was more personal and heart-felt.

  2. Hear, hear!

    How odd that Robert M. referred to that Triumph-and-hand photo at the same time that you posted it: