Sunday, June 28, 2015

I Snagged a Little Italian Stallion! (And nearly killed it too)

So, how did I nearly kill this thing?

The pad that the type bars rest on had come off, so I decided to apply Gorilla glue. Some of it got away and seeped into the segment where the links move the bars. The W, Z, and S keys were rendered useless in a matter of minutes. It took a lot of alcohol, penetrating oil, and patience to get them working again.

I haven't quite finished cleaning the surface. To be honest, as happy as I was to find this machine, I'm not too sure if I'll keep it. The touch is very stiff and springy (spongy, as so many have described?) Furthermore, the keyboard is nearly identical to my Lettera 32, minus a slight bit of roundness to the keys. It's nice though, as the 32 keyboard seems a little cramp at times.

If nothing else, it'll make the next episode of Front Stroke easier. I can do both machines at once!

I'll see what I think after I get Vern to fix the carriage. Not only does it sit unevenly past a certain point, the carriage lock doesn't work. I only wish the font was different. I've grown to like the 10 cpi of my Underwood 21 and Lettera 32.

Power to the pen!


  1. Great find! Something like that would have me doing a Snoopy dance and embarrassing my kids in public!

    1. I'm thrilled! It was the cheapest of all the machines they had for sale. Surprising, since Lettera typewriters of any kind are usually overpriced because of their fame. Guess the store owner was rational and realized $25 was about the most they could reasonably get for it.