Monday, June 15, 2015

A Few For Sale

Here are some machines I'm going to let go of. I wanted to give some fellow collectors the chance to own these before I put them up on eBay.

Don't like the prices? Send me an email and make an offer. I like to think of myself as reasonable.

1. SCM Galaxie 12 (with Techno Elite font): $25

2. 1950s Royal Quiet De Luxe (with carriage tension adjustment): $20

A few blemishes with this one. The paper tray will not snap into place and the U type bar does not return fully. Other than that, it's fit to type.

3. Royal-Litton electric: $35

No idea when it was made. Every key works except the tabulator. Makes a nice, deep humming sound like a washing machine.

4. SCM Electra 210: $20

5. Underwood Touchmaster 5: $30

This one's already on eBay, but I'll throw it up here regardless.

6. Royal Advertisement (circa 1950s): $10

I'd like to clear these out as soon as possible. First come, first serve.


  1. Argh.... That Royal Litton has me tempted so badly... But I seriously have no room for another huge electric :(

    Good luck selling them, though. I hope a few go into typospherian hands.

    1. I wouldn't be entirely opposed to a trade, if you've got something you want gone...