Saturday, April 11, 2015

Little Lettera, Let Her Mind Wander

First order of business. Crispy M&Ms are back!!! That's worthy of national headlines.

Second order. Blogger be crazy. Every time I navigate away from my own page, it logs me out. This means I cannot comment on anything, whether it be other blogs or comments left here. So, if you leave a comment, please enable your email so I can reply! Having a devil of a time figuring out what the problem is.

Ok, CRISPY M&Ms!!!

The platen is in remarkably good shape!

It even came with the owner's manual!

But I dare not remove that tape. It's libel to rip the text off the page.

I had planned to snag one of these beauties from So many interesting things appear on that website! Alas, no Lettera 32s have appeared for quite some time.

But, a few days ago, I saw this one for sale on Craigslist and just had to snatch it up! As stated above, the machine has been idle for decades. Nothing is broken or malfunctioning (though I replaced the left-hand plastic spool with my Olivetti 21's defunct metal one; couldn't figure out how to thread the plastic thing).

The problem is that, as stated above, there's oil residue everywhere. It's on the keyboard. The frame. The guts of the machine. I know it needs some alcohol, but I'm not sure how to access the inside, and I don't want to ruin the color. The ribbon vibrator is slow to move when I use the red color option. The backspace key is still a bit sluggish, but it's getting better with use.

Right now, the most annoying thing is the ribbon reverse. There's so much gunk that it won't engage when the eyelet passes through. I can use an ink pen to help it along and then resume typing, but I'd like to clean out whatever is in there. Tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.

And if you're interested in bidding on my Royal Signet, you can see the auction here.

I've zeroed in on a name for the blog, but I'd like to get your thoughts. How does "Guts of Imagination" sound?

Power to the pen.


  1. A classic.

    The base isn't hard to remove, and then I recommend using Lectra-Motive Electric Parts Cleaner. It's a degreaser that I get at my local auto shop, and it works really well to remove old oil without damaging finishes.

    1. Thanks! That was just the solution I needed! I got the backspace key and ribbon vibrator to work without any problems. However, the ribbon reverse mechanism is still sluggish. The typewriter is useable, but now I'm thinking its a weak spring instead of an oil problem.