Saturday, January 24, 2015

Remington Special

I stumbled upon an odd machine while furniture shopping with Courtney.

Based on a quick Google search, I think it's a Standard #12. But, as you can see, there are several features that did not come on the standard Standard.

I can't find any information online, so I'm thinking it's a custom machine that was made for a particular office. The frame has "New York, USA" printed on it.

The pain is in excellent condition and the bell works, but the type basket is so fouled that you can't press any of the keys (except the space bar).

Seller asking $100. I passed because I just bought another machine, which I will feature in another post.

Look at the size of that paper tray!
What's that big lever on the left?
The ribbon spools lay on their sides!

Keys for really large numbers.

This serial number was not in the Typewriter Database.

So, there it is! Anyone got ideas?

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  1. According to Schramm, Liste der Herstellungsdaten 1962 edition, the Remington Special is model 30 (model 20 line) with the tab line keys, as seen on the photos. The serial number would date to 1924.