Thursday, January 22, 2015

I've Been Hired!

Wow. What a month it has been!

I'm in Murfreesboro right now finalizing some wedding plans. Woke up early this morning and decided to let everyone know what I've been up to.

First thing's first. My surgery went well. The ulnar nerve in my right elbow had been popping for a while. Turns out it was grinding against the joint. The doctor said I needed to have it relocated before it suffered permanent damage. I've been out of the cast for about a week and the arm feels great.

But, I've got even better news.

Starting next Wednesday, I will begin my brand new full-time job with the Missouri State Park Service!

I've been hoping and praying for this for a long time. With a wedding just two months away, I was starting to wonder how I'd support us. I wonder no more! My new job will be assisting with historic interpretation at the Felix Valle House in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri.

Ste. Genevieve was an old French colony during the pre-Revolution era. Founded in 1735, it is not only the oldest town west of the Mississippi, it boats some of the oldest French colonial architecture on the continent.

I've very grateful to have been selected for the position.

One of the best perks? I'll be less than an hour from St. Louis, where Jones' Typewriter is located!

Which brings me to my next topic.

My parents surprised me yet again on my birthday. This Remington Rand De Luxe Model 5 is a pretty piece! Based on the serial number, I think it's a 1941 model.

Unfortunately, they forgot that I am not a fan of the gear-oriented typing mechanism. I used to have one of these and ended up selling it to fund my Olympia SM9.

Vern from Jones' Typewriter said I could trade it towards something else, and since I'll be living very close to him, I think I'll do just that. I have a small list of the top three items I'd like to find, but I'm open to suggestions from anyone in the Typosphere. There are lots of machines I've never put my hands on before, so I'm anxious to see what he has in stock. Aside from that, I've got a few machines that need his help, like Skyfall!

I hope you are having a wonderful New Year. I got some positive feedback from my beta readers on my manuscript, so now I'm querying agents! Hopefully my skills have improved and one of them agrees to represent me.

Meanwhile, I'm just going to sit back and thank God for putting all of the pieces together.

Power to the pen!


  1. Congratulatons on the new job and your wedding.

    That's a nice looking Remington. Keep it. In the future you may find you want a Remington Model 5.

    1. I will not do anything with it until I have had the chance to do some typing on it.

  2. Sounds like a happy and eventful time for you.

    Have you ever tried a Torpedo? A Hermes? A Royal KMM? There are so many possibilities.

  3. I have a Royal KMM. I have never tried a Hermes or Torpedo before. In fact, I have never even seen one in person.