Monday, November 3, 2014

Belated Halloween Pictures

My internship with the military museum is officially over. What a great three weeks! I need to make a few corrections about my last post.

The typewriter is question is a Remington Rand Quiet Model 1, which is very similar to the other Model 1 portable, but not the same. The director had a great idea, so we incorporated it into an exhibit featuring World War II communication equipment.

I thought I'd touch it up a bit before putting it on display.
The carriage is gummed up and the rubber components have been damaged by heat.
Untwisting that ribbon wasn't fun either...

I thought it'd be neat for kids to see just how the thing was designed to work.
Funny, the text is more legible in this photo than in real life.

Viola! We added a QR code that will take visitors to Richard Polt's entry for the
Quiet Model 1 on The Classic Typewriter Page.

Halloween was awesome! Thanks to the generosity of a fellow intern, I was able to dress in costume for the first time in over ten year. By all Civil War standards, I'm a giant. Finding anything that fit, especially the kepi (hat), would have been a challenge.

With the director's permission, I borrowed some reproduction items from the exhibit case.

After the trick or treaters were gone, some of us went to see Fury. I remember watching Battle of the Bulge with Robert Shaw, Telly Savalas, and Henry Fonda. It was horrible, watching the SS Tiger tanks blow through entire columns of Shermans with hardly a scratch. 

Fury is pretty much that movie on steroids and minus the happy ending. It's very similar to Saving Private Ryan in tone, showing that even during the so-called "good war," a lot of bad things happened. The funny thing is, Shia Labeouf plays the role of tank gunner. He's a religious man who holds firm to his faith amidst the horrors of battle. However, even men of faith can waver, and Labeouf's character is no exception.

There was a time when I didn't like Labeouf. He was everywhere! His characters in Constantine and I, Robot were annoying. But in Fury, he shines, and I hope to see him in similar roles in the future. 

As far as collecting goes, I missed out on a rare 1920s Royal portable, green, that had been used by a female soldier during the Cold War. Some people don't like the idea of their family heirlooms being shipped across the country, and I can't blame them. 

I'm still sending around short stories with no success. However, I'm going to give personal essays a try in the meantime. Chicken Soup for the Soul has got several titles coming out in the near future. 

But my priority now is graduating. I've got less than a month to go! All that's left is to turn in some papers, give a presentation, and take final exams. It's surreal to be approaching the end, the thing I've worked for since I was eighteen. 

Now, if only I could get published....

As much as I would like to dwell on the good things, I can't. We have an election tomorrow. Lots of things are at stake. I'm very disheartened to have witnessed the decline of civility in our nation. We are a people easily agitated to acts of violence because due process is too slow, as shown in Ferguson. People talk about taxes, Medicare, citizenship rights, etc. But the underlying question, in every single election since 1787, has been: do the people serve the government or does the government serve the people?

The only important issue is that of personal liberty. If you elect representatives who care about that, who have a mindset fixed on our founding principles, then the rest will take care of itself. We'll still have problems, but not the same ones we do today. Americans today look on each other as enemies, not fellow citizens. Divided and conquered by partisan politics and a sensationalist media cabal, we're just as polarized as we were before the Civil War.

I have grave reservations about the leadership in Washington and many of our states. I have even bigger concerns about the people who gave these individuals power. I will be spending a lot of time in prayer today and tomorrow, as should all of God's people.

Power to the pen!

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  1. NIce font on that typewriter, fits right in to the exhibit too. :)