Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Great Smokies!

Now that I've finished a lot of my school work, I can finally talk about my epic vacation last week!

When I was told we were going to the Smokies, part of me didn't want to. I had a lot to do! Test to study for, papers to write, jobs to hunt.

But once I got there, I realized how badly I needed it.

Unfortunately, my phone's battery started showing its age, and did not hold a charge very well. Hence, my photo-taking was rather sporadic. Hope you enjoy!

Some dessert, because I'm a tease.

Posters at my local tackle shop.

Eastern KY.

Finally there!

A friend of the family was generous enough to let us stay in her cabin.
The town is called Maggie Valley, and what a quaint little place it is!
You can see the ski lift on the mountain to the right.

Dessert on the first night. Ice cream pie!

This lovely rose was growing right outside the front door.

There are several ways to get around in the Smokies, but this is the most famous.

A chair used by President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the commencement of the park. 

Would've been helpful if the lines were, I dunno, labeled?

This is one of many hidden paths Jordan and I found.
There's always something else to explore!

Half way up the Allen Cave Trail.

The so-called "cave."

Wasn't me!

Joey's was awesome.

The Village, a neat little shopping district in Gattlinburg.

You don't see these very often!

While hanging out in Gatlinburg, we decided to take a trip through the Ripley's Aquarium!

Garden eels.

Sand tiger shark.

Sawfish swimming over me in the shark exhibit.
These are critically endangered, almost never seen in the wild.

Cuttlefish have been a  favorite of mine for years!


The Cherokee Reservation is located just outside of Maggie Valley.
As you can see, most of the signs are bilingual.
The Cherokee Nation is one of the few Native tribes that has a written language.

Jordan and I hiked all along this river until the bank got too steep.
It's reported that you can catch a lot of trout here!

This interesting root system was near the waterfall.
Bad place to get your ankle caught.

Top of the waterfall, courtesy of another hidden path.


Good eye, Jordan! These slugs were nestled comfortably in the crack of a tree branch.

Regrettably, I don't have any of the good stuff. On our last day of the trip, we braved a dangerous road to Cataloochee Valley and saw lots of elk! I stood within twenty yards of three magnificent bulls, and Jordan caught an bugle conversation on tape!

Once I get those files, I'll upload them here. Until then, you'll have to settle for my boring photos.

It's like waking up from a dream.
Goodbye, North Carolina.

Wait, where are we???

Power to the pen!

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