Sunday, October 19, 2014

It's a Plane!

I'm back in Jefferson City, working with the Missouri Military Museum at the Skelton Training Center (a National Guard base) for more school credit.

On Friday, my boss was kind enough to let me take my pick of some books which were donated. Among other things, I found the autobiography of Omar Bradley, one of America's premier generals in World War Two.

Yesterday, the weather was absolutely beautiful. I went to a local park and got into the book. But I wasn't able to concentrate. Something kept passing overhead...a B-24 Liberator!

If you read my post on the Wings of Freedom exhibit, you'll know that I love old airplanes. So, imagine my surprise when I see more of them in the sky just a few months later! The park I was at isn't too far from the local airport, so I got to see the bomber make several passes.

But there's more.

What I believe is a T-6 Texan, but I had to consult a friend who spent time in the USAF.

I saw this guy at a distance, doing some loops. At first, I thought it was a P-51 Mustang, since that plane was featured in the WOF lineup. After it made a few passes, I decided otherwise. It wasn't moving fast enough.

I only made it through a few pages of the book. The planes captured most of my attention. When I got back to the hotel room, I tried to find out if there was an event going on nearby. No luck.

Courtney called. As we talked, I saw something else out of my window...

AH! A Zeppelin! The Germans are here!

This was pretty cool. I'm only used to seeing blimps at sports arenas, not flying around like other private or commercial aircraft.

Later, I watched a documentary on Manuel Noriega. There was a typewriter, which I captured with a screenshot.

It's a Silver Seiko portable, but not the Royal Signet. A close inspection shows that it has a line space selector and ribbon color selector. Maybe it's a Mercury or a Jet.

That's all for now. Been working really hard. Meantime, go out and live life. I promise to have some good content on here when it becomes practicable after first seeing to some priorities that are of tantamount importance to my current and future circumstances...

Anyhow...power to the pen.

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