Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cashed Check

I am sorry for the delay. You've been very patient and despite the emotional complaints I've haven't received, asking how they can possibly go on without their weekly dose of Oblivion, you were strong and made it to the end. I'm very proud of you. I'll cash your rain check now.

Ok, what really happened is that I had to move back to Missouri to begin the final semester of my MA program and I wasn't able to put this up on Sunday, as usual.

So, without further adieu, I present the

Taylor and Courtney Uncensored Unadulterated Unedited South Carolina Vacation Spectacular!*

*Disclaimer: these are just the pictures that I took. I don't like spending lots of time behind a camera. Makes me feel like I'm missing something...

Our story begins in Nashville, where you can get a direct flight to Charleston.

A beautiful Harley Davidson for sale at the Nashville airport.

To my delight, total trip time was just over an hour. It was great flying Southwest again and not paying $25 per checked bag.

A C-17 Globemaster landing at the Air Force base just across the street from where our plane landed.
I got a look at the military's new C-27 Spartan and two F-16s, but wasn't quick enough with the camera.

After the flight, we grabbed a rental car and saw some of Charleston. What a beautiful city!

This I-House, also called a Shotgun House, is one of many in Charleston.
The I-House was a Caribbean design that came to America with the slave trade. 

Doesn't look like much, but this is where the first shot of the Civil War was fired.
Fort Sumpter is somewhere on the right.

A guide pointing to the various islands in Charleston Harbor. 

One of the city's historic streets.

A 1960s Datsun. *drool*

You don't see too many pay phones these days. Yes, it works. Ask me how I know.

The entrance of California Dreamin', our first meal stop.
If you're lucky, you'll get a seat near the widows with a view of the marina.

BBQ chicken nachos!

A wrap with grilled swordfish.

It's about an hour drive from Charleston to Hilton Head Island, our vacation spot. It was getting dark and we got caught in a heavy rain storm, but I snapped a few pictures before the sun went down.

Storm brewing over one of many marshes you cross on your way to Hilton Head Island.

An interesting little store on the side of the road.

Cider? Jam? Butter? Soda? Take your pick.

Love these old gas pumps. My future father-in-law preferred the chair next to it.
Sunset peeking through the clouds.


Love is in the air.

The screened porch at our house.

The marshes in day time.

On Sunday, we went to church at a congregation in Beaufort and spent most of the day in town.

A street in downtown Beaufort.
Blackstone's, another great place to eat.

A ginormous club.

You know you picked a great girl when she takes you sweet shopping.

The candyman can!

Back on the island, we went to see the beach. Just because we were exhausted and in no way prepared to spend time actually on the beach itself doesn't mean we couldn't get a peak, right?

Hilton Head Island is divided up into several districts, such as Harbor Town, South Beach, and Sea Pines, etc. Harbor Town is one of the most-frequented places for tourists. You can drive, ride a rented bike, or walk! Nothing is out of reach.

The beach!

Grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce at The Crazy Crab.

I can't believe I photo-bombed myself...

View from the lighthouse in Harbor Town. We got lots o rain that night.

The welcome sign, after a good bike ride.

Antique coolers being used in a general store. Yes, we bought some just to try it out.

Spicy chip dip at another restaurant, The Quarterdeck.

More swordfish.


One of the most well-known restaurants in South Beach.

Even more swordfish.

A scarlet macaw.

A blue and gold macaw. These little guys were just chilling in one of the stores.

The brownie fudge cheesecake ice cream cone.
And it is glorious! 
One of my favorite places to visit was the nature preserve. Less than five minutes from our house by bike, it took us two days to walk the whole thing.

This gator was hanging out by one of the bridges you cross to get to
the South Pines Nature Preserve. American alligators are common on the island.
So are the signs telling you not to feed or harass them...

They use the drainage pipes to traverse the canals. 

You might not be able to see it, but there's a huge banana spider in this picture.
The body was at least the size of my thumb. 

Same gator, different day.

Turtles inside the preserve.

More turtles.

Really big turtles. 

A really nice old Chevy station wagon.

A piano man at The Wreck of the Salty Dog.
Same restaurant, same menu, different view.

Another place to eat in Southbeach.

Mediterranean Tahini burger.

A ceiling fan with just one blade?

On our last day, we decided to get up early and watch the sun rise from the beach. When I saw the clouds, I thought we wouldn't be able to see it (that happened in Bryce Canyon National Park). But the clouds actually helped us get some great shots.

Sunrise on the beach.

Insert Lion King joke right

Stranded jellyfish.

Horseshoe crab.

A stranded starfish.

A monument of our very first beach walk.

Edited for clarity.

The one and only Greg Russell, a local entertainment legend for over thirty years!
Guest-staring a Coast Guard helicopter who made four passes overhead during the show.

On our way back to Charleston, we stopped at the Hilton Head Diner for breakfast.

This pay phone was inside of the Hilton Head Diner, between the bathrooms.
I was going to call Courtney's cell phone from inside, but it wasn't working.
It seemed funny to me...

The trip was over too soon, but we ended on a high note with a nice breakfast in Murfreesboro the next day.

The raspberry/granola pancake!

"Let me check my schedule to see if I can go on a fabulous vacation, which I need, with my fiance to a lush, historic region of the country for a week," said no on ever.

Ok, maybe I did, once, and only because I didn't know when I'd have to start working on my assignments for this semester. We didn't have time to go antiquing, so I have no typewriter sightings to report. But that's ok. This time, I was going to completely relax.

I'd forgotten how.

But now I'm back in school, working on the final stretch of my Master's degree. It's a long road ahead, and as the totality of what I have to do began to overwhelm me, I decided to cool off at the antique store up the road.

A beautiful oak typewriting desk from the 1950s. Made by, ironically, American Desk.
No idea what this is...but it's pretty and I thought Courtney would like to see it.

Antique suitcase once owned by a local doctor. $350

A nice post-war Woodstock. Needs a new platen and a new ribbon, but the keys work. $95

A Ward electric typewriter (yes, I was tempted) $35. Doesn't work, nor did the Royal  Cavalier 1000.
I was secretly hoping they would work. I've never used an electric typewriter before.
...does that make me a bad person?

Nice record player.

Wait...what's that?!


Till next time, power to the palm trees.

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  1. I guess you like your swordfish huh? ;-) Wonderful trip. And that American Desk desk looks amazing! So does the Datsun.