Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Little Stint Across Three States

It seems that I just can't sit still this summer! As a result, this week's post might seem a bit...scatterbrained? I don't do well with blog posts when I'm traveling. I feel that if I devote a lot of time to taking pictures, I'll miss out on whatever I'm looking at.

After returning from Dallas, I took a pistol class at Tactical Response in Camden, TN. I didn't go down there prepared to take pictures for the blog, but I highly recommend to any of my readers who are serious about firearms training.

After I got back home Tuesday night, what came to my door? Kittens!

Ok, I'm lying. They belong to a friend.

What I really got was a fabulous care package from my beautiful and insightful fiance.

She knows just the right way to pluck my heartstrings. Aren't I the lucky one???

Signed books are always good!

Fan art!

Courtney had also slipped a very nice typed letter into the package. I knew she'd take good care of Vincent. 

Thursday morning, the family and I packed up and went to visit my Dad's side in Springfield, MO.

This was the front of a legit monsoon. Once the rain started coming down, we had ZERO visibility.



A stretch of Current River near Van Buren.


Friday, we went to the Dickerson Park Zoo. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures, but there were some moments too precious to pass up.

This is the only time I've ever wanted a cow.

This is the only time I've ever been this close to a giraffe.

Sweet n' Sour chicken, courtesy of Lemong's.

A GORGEOUS Chevy 3200.

Saturday took me to Bass Pro, the Bass Pro, the one that started it all.

Chillin in an antigravity chair. 
Little gar.


I noticed that yesterday was National Book Lover's Day. Took me by surprise, but I thought I'd share a tradition Courtney and I came up with. Any couples reading this might enjoy it.

1. Go to your nearest book store.

2. Buy a novel you've never heard of based solely on what the back cover says.

3. Read the novel aloud a chapter at a time when you're together.

It's a great way to stretch the ole vocal chords and bond at the same time. Happy NBLD!

In other news, my Tower President, aka "The Chief," has been oiled for about two weeks.
Sticky keys no more!

Power to the pen!

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