Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Royal Addition

I can't decide if it's battleship grey or faded blue.

I love these dealership plaques. 

Amateur engineering for the win! I've wrapped a paperclip around the locking lever on the central post. This disables the line lock permanently so I can type freely. However, you have to listen for the bell. It's better to return the carriage immediately instead of risking overlapping letters.

A BIG thanks to Richard Polt for helping me get my scans to work properly. Here are some other machines I saw. If you're near St. Mary, Missouri and need a typer, head to the Antique Mall! Remember, I only saw half of the store.

Quiet-Riter, space bar does not advance carriage.

Underwood No 5, broken drawstring–$84

Sears Electric II

This little Royalite was hiding! Proof that you've got to look in ever nook and cranny.
I showed a friend how to check for problems, and this portable seemed to be in excellent working condition.
Not even sticky keys!

Tom Thumb

Smith Corona Clipper, very similar to my Sears Tower (but mine has a 1 key and different tab set controls).

Royal Mercury

Holy cow, it's King Kong!
Royal KHM with 20" carriage. $150
That's one shelf holding up six typewriters!

I mentioned my summer class earlier. I spent a lot of time in neighboring Ste. Genevieve, and was allowed to tour some of the old French houses. Managed to get two more sightings while up in the attics.

Post-war Remington, most likely a Super Riter. Broken carriage return lever.
Surrounded by fleece and in a very hot room. 

Royal 440, also in a very hot room.

Found this at Hobby Lobby. When I get my own house, I'll put it above my desk!

Power to the pen!


  1. Nice find and so many great sightings. :)

  2. of the ones you saw, I think you bought the best of the lot.
    Great price too!