Sunday, April 27, 2014

Draft Finished!

Well, I said it was likely I'd have good news, and I do!

My WIP is no longer progress. The draft is finished!

Most of the scanned pages were easy enough to copy and past, but I had to retype the last 40 or so directly into the computer. The manuscript tops out at about 65,000 words. I was a bit concerned about this at first, but since the book will most likely considered YA, I've changed my mind.

Ultimately, so long as I tell a good story, that won't matter. The first Harry Potter book was 77,000 words long, and a LOT happened.

So, for the moment, I'm putting it away and reading to cleanse my pallet. After a month or so I'll pull it back out and start revising. I've got a running list of things that need to be fixed, but nothing major. I still like the core concept and execution.

I hope to be sending it out to agents no later than the end of the year, maybe even the end of summer. We'll see.

Lessons learned:

1) Get some real typewriter ribbons. Calculator ribbons are fine, but they are half the length, and thus, wear out much faster.

2) I can work on a long-term project no matter what life throws at me. Seriously, I got interrupted so many times. School. Stomach flu in March. Two funerals in April. Case of the blahs.

But writing isn't about setting a speed record. I wrote the book in 84 days.

That's the key. Wrote. As in it's done.

3) Deviating from an outline has always produced things I like. I plan the general course of events, but something suddenly hits me while I'm in the zone, BAM, it goes into the book. If you saw my outline and then read the book, the differences would be crystal clear.

I'm neither an architect or a discovery writer. At this point, to rip George RR Martin, I think I'm more of a gardner.

4) I still LOVE doing this.

Power to the pen!

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