Friday, September 27, 2013

In Search of Lost Time...and a Muse

If there's ever a time when I felt like I owed someone an apology, it would be now. Until today, I have posted absolutely nothing on my blog since April. I could throw out a variety of excuses. They range from but are not limited to: 1. Life. Every three months or so I jump back and forth between home, school, and a summer job. 2. ..... Ok, maybe that variety ain't so wide. In all honestly, I simply didn't care about blogging anymore. Those who have stumbled upon this little nook of the net will notice that instead of posting my own content, I simply plastered pictures from historic memorials or whatever was happening in the news.

That's not what I started this blog for. I started this blog because I was on fire about my novel, Lunar Dawn. As many impatient authors do when they're young or lacking guidance, I self-published without fully understanding how much work it takes to market a book (or myself, as the author). (Concerning Part II of The Eclipse Chronicles, it WILL be written. I struggled for the last 4 years trying to get it done. Like the early draft of Lunar Dawn, it needs to be rewritten from scratch. Things that it references no longer exist in the canon. Plus, my overall skills of description, tensing, prose, etc have dramatically improved. I have an outline and a good idea where I want the book to go. However, I am currently working through a draft of a new project, which I will elaborate on later). I expected people to buy the book, see the link on the back inside cover, comment here, and that would generate something for me to blog about.


This is why marketing people get paid lots of money to do their jobs. I've had royalty checks coming in from the company, the biggest being $2.48. So, someone is buying it! :D When things didn't go the way I had planned, I kinda floundered. Sure, life got in the way and I had to take care of establishing my career path. But in all that time I wrote in bursts. I expected myself to finish The Eclipse Chronicles before I started any other project. Then I would start something else anyway only to abandon it and guilt myself into stewing over Ephraim's unfinished adventure. I wondered if I had lost the talent.
Thankfully it turned out to be nothing more than a bad case of lethargy. I got inspired to do a new project which I'm enjoying very much. The Eclipse Chronicles will be finished. Hey, Robert Ludlum spent 8 years doing other things before writing a sequel to The Bourne Identity. There are plenty of things I wish I had done differently, but...all is not lost. I've learned a lot and have decided to resume operating this blog whether anyone reads it or not. Might be more of a placebo, but I'll treat it like practice.

To make it easier on myself, I'll update the blog only once a week. Grad school doesn't pass itself, after all. Since I usually have all of my homework done by Sunday, I'm thinking of posting then. I'll play around with it. See how it goes. So, to the gigabytes who have patiently harbored my blog while it collected digital dust, I thank you for preserving this relic-to-my-failed-expectations-but-now-relic-to-my-new-resolve.

See you soon!

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