Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ranting Turrets

(This is mine, so don't steal it!)

Happy Poem

This is a happy poem.
No crying allowed!
There’ll be no hippies, emos, or broken hearts. I’ll cast you out and then some!

It ain’t that hard to find something in your life that doesn’t suck.
You’re still breathing for one thing. That merits at least a smile.
Don’t forget your hygiene, and how you’re not wallowing in the muck.

I’m sorry if this announcement is filling you with guile.
But that doesn’t bother me. Now shut up and smile!

I’m sick of all your whining, how Fate is out for you.
Pouring your woes onto the ghost of a dead tree.
Half the crap you’re talking about probably isn’t true!

And don’t think of going on a music-listening spree.
Seriously, you’re the only reason their still playing on stage. 
Life’s a ride with ups and down. Tis quite fun! Wee!

So anyway, happy poem! Dance, sing and shout!
And find at least one thing to dance and sing about.