Friday, December 7, 2007

Pearl Harbor

Hello everyone,

It's December 7th, the day that continues to live in infamy. Over 60 years ago on this day at 8 AM, over 200 Japanese aircraft descended mercilessly on Pearl Harbor with the intention to completely destroy the American fleet. Over 2,300 sailors and Marines were killed as the island was bombarded by wave after wave of fighter planes. The very next day, Congress declared war on Japan, what would be referred to as "waking the giant".

Today we all ought to take just a few moments to remember that this is the day our nation was smacked in the face, and realized that our existence was at stake. So what did we do? What did millions of young men and boys all over the country do? They dropped what they were doing and went to volunteer. On that day, no draft was necessary because everyone knew what was happening. Nearly four years later, the Empire of Japan was brought to its knees by the Atom Bombs.

I'm not going to waste my time and energy writing about the politics of the times, or the conspiracy theories behind who MAY have known something about whatever. The fact is that we were attacked and we responded in the appropriate manner. Do I have a grudge against the Japanese today? No, that wouldn't be right, because the generation today isn't responsible for what happened so long ago. But be certain that this day transformed us into a mighty power. It was one of those rare times in history when we put aside our differences and banded together like good American citizens should every day, to fight a common enemy. Imagine what would happen if we did that to fight against the terrorists today? Or poverty?

"December 7th, 1941: a date that shall live forever in infamy." It's almost funny when you think about Roosevelt. He scratched out the original sentence, "a date that will live in world history" and replaced it with more passionate words. This is the day we lost our innocence and left home to do our job.

I'm sure hundreds of people are already at the memorial, standing just a few feet over the carcass of the USS Arizona. Moments of silence, prayers, and witness testimonies. May God forever allow their souls to rest in peace. I hope that we never forget this tragedy and blatant travesty.

Power to the pen, with which one may honor and give praise to the millions of dead who gave their LIVES for freedom!

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