Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dull Day

Hello again readers,

Well, it's been a few days since I last posted. I've been real busy getting projects for college done and starting new ones. I am currently reading some fantasy books and I hope to post reviews for them soon.

Anyway, I was at the doctor the other day. While waiting to be called in, I looked up at the TV. There was a message that said, "If you cannot keep your appointment, please notify us 24 hours in advance." Why are they just now telling me this? It was only my second time visiting this office and I had no clue about their policies. By this point I was bored to tears, so I began to wonder off into very strange thoughts. I was soon making a list of all the things that would go wrong. What if I break my leg while climbing the stairs to my appointment? What then? Will I have to go up the stairs anyway to reschedule and THEN get my leg fixed? Or maybe I call, leave a message with the secretary, but then she has a heart attack and I don't hear from the doc till two weeks, giving time for the funeral and everything else.

What if I reschedule and then someone before me cancels? Do I have to go sooner and thus rearrange my daily plans to fit the change? What if there is a major terrorist attack and martial law is declared? Will there be anyone at the office to take my call?

This is stupid I know, but I'm not making it up, the TV actually said that, and it's got me paranoid.

Well, that's all I have the energy to write today. I'll be back with something of literary value next time. Oh, everything went fine by the way.

Power to the pen and those who aren't confused by it!

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  1. Hehe..i love it! U make something normal so funny!
    And nice word choices btw :P